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  Energy Alignment  

What is Energy Psychology? How Does Energy Alignment Work?

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“Energy Psychology applies principles and techniques for working with the body’s physical energies to facilitate desired changes in emotions, thought, and behaviour.”    David Feinstein, Ph.D. Energy Psychology Interactive, 2004.

Energy Psychology (EP). Although a relatively new discipline, EP draws upon time tested principles of both eastern and western medicines. Every action (behaviour), whether it serves us well or not, has an intellectual (thinking) component and an energy system (emotional) component and counterpart.

In almost every situation the body “trained” itself to respond to a particular stimulus based on a thinking-emotional pattern that was then stored as energy within the cellular memory of the body. Whether the body was “trained” due to heredity or life experiences, a programmed pattern does exist. A growing amount of clinical evidence has demonstrated the ability to rapidly modify or eliminate some pre-programmed energy patterns. Techniques used to alter this pattern can be as simple as tapping specific acupressure points, calming the mind through mediation or updating our thinking and approach to a stimulus.  

Our term Energy Alignment is the utilization of Energy Psychology techniques to address the Body-Spiritual part of the unwanted pattern, and Coaching techniques to address the Mind-Body part of the unwanted pattern.  


How Energy Works
The concept of energy can be complex, however if we look at Albert Einstein’s findings; that E=MC² (Energy equals Mass, times the speed of Light squared), we see that Mass and Energy are interchangeable, and that neither space nor time are absolute. For our discussion, the important outcome of this is that Mass is nothing but a form of Energy.

So, everything is a form of Energy. Even objects at rest have stored Energy; trees, rocks, dogs, water and people are all made up of forms of Energy. This means that Energy can exist as solid matter or as non-solid matter, such as a beam of light. Radio waves, microwaves, and X-rays are a few other examples of pure non-solid Energy forms.

Everything is a form of Energy. It is all around us, and everything we do is connected to Energy in one form or another. Our bodies are constantly in communication with different forms of Energy, from many different sources. We don’t always see it, but it is there. When we speak, our voice releases sound waves of Energy causing ripples in the air around us; when we think our brains release wavelengths of Energy. Our bodies are both transmitting and receiving stations for Energy at all times.

To the scientific community, Energy forms such as heat, light, or cosmic radiation, are measurable with specific instruments. The Energy involved in the Alignment of the human Energy system is measured by an exquisitely sensitive device: The Human Body. Furthermore, the human body is not only a physical body…we have a multi-body system...Etheric, Emotional, Mental, and Astral bodies...each element of the system is in constant and infinite communication with every other part through a circulating energy network. What this means is that Energy encountered in our environment or even from our silent thoughts not only affects our physical impacts all of our multi-body system.


Forms of Energy – Good and Not So Good
Energy…we are constantly picking up and storing all kinds of Energy, from very negative all the way up the scale to very positive. This has been going on our whole lives.

Some examples of negative Energy are Fear, Doubt, Anger, Judgement, Criticism, Blame, and many others. Any techniques we learn that enable us to let go of the patterns and affects of these negative Energy forces will help to move us toward Alignment; peace and happiness.

There are different ways to balance your Energy:
A – Love: Become the most complete and loving being you can be. The loving Energy will naturally dissolve the parts of you that are keeping you unbalanced. Negative Energy cannot exist in the presence of real Love.
B – Recognition: Recognize the problem.  Surrender and Release: Give trust to a higher power and then let go of trying to control how your life will manifest.
C – Healing: Dissipate or integrate the blocked negative Energy held in the body using Energy Psychology and Coaching techniques. 

These methods to balance Energy are the most important steps leading to Alignment; a healed state of being. For many, the process of Alignment is greatly accelerated by adding the support of a trained Energy Health Practitioner and a Coach.


Energy Storage - A Note about Memories
We all have centres in our bodies that store memories as Energy and Energy patterns, namely: Chakras, Meridians, and  Cellular Memory.  These stores retain Energy from events that happened very recently, or many years ago. Some memories will be happy, while other memories will be unpleasant and painful. Many of us try to stash the nasty ones away, hide them in some deep recess of our body where we can forget about them and pretend they don’t exist. Sadly, they don’t really go away. They sit there and may cause trouble, remembered or not.

Disease, stress, ailments or sickness are manifestations of an unbalanced or misaligned Energy system.

Need proof?  Have you been actively doing something and when you hear a familiar piece of music and your mind drifts to the time when you first heard it? You just might instantly recall a picture of the moment, a feeling, or the person you were with that you have not thought of for years. You might notice your body’s current state is influenced by this memory, albeit very safe and pleasant. What if that music caused you to recount a deeply traumatic experience (like a spider or snake attack)? You just might feel your blood pressure rise and your anxiety level escalate. You might notice your body’s current state was influenced and actually stressed by this thought.  What if the memory is constantly triggered by numerous other stimuli, one might see how the body would be subjected to a deeper ongoing level of stress than the current situation would naturally be generating. Over time, this heightened body stress may manifest itself as a physical aliment, seemingly unrelated to the incident of so long ago.




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