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 Tapping Techniques


Meridian Tapping Techniques

pointsThere are a number of different tapping sequences and locations that have been shown to correct disturbances in the body's energy system caused by negative emotions. Before the tapping, the client chooses a particular emotion, often one that is present in that moment and it could also be from a memory or worry. During the tapping, the client focuses on the negative emotion, but also uses a positive statement to counteract it. Often, this is in the form of a repetitive statement such as, “Even though I have this anger toward my boss, I completely love and accept myself”. The tapping of fingertips on the specified points on the body releases the negative emotion, allowing the energy to again flow freely through the meridian.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is probably the best known of the tapping protocols.  EFT is easily learned and can be used as a self-help resource at whatever time or place an emotional stress becomes troublesome. Clinical trials have shown that EFT can quickly reduce the emotional charge of distressing memories and incidents. Although the memory or current situation is not changed, the distress is reduced or removed.  This often allows the body to rebalance itself, and move toward greater alignment.

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Tapas Acupressure Technique© (TAT©) was created by Tapas Fleming. She was a Licensed Acupuncturist who also specialized in the energetic treatment of allergies. TAT was initially used in treating allergies but a serendipitous side-effect was ridding patients of the effects of their past stressful experiences.

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Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a tapping procedure created by Dr. Roger Callahan which prescribes different codes depending on the fundamental cause of the problem being addressed. The right code balances the body's energy system, and allows the client to eliminate most negative emotions or fears within minutes.

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Tapping the Temporal Curve. George Goodheart Jr. D.C. is credited with discovering that tapping along the temporal curve from beginning of the temples back towards the side of the ear results in the brain becoming more open to learning, as well as creating a temporary buffer to other sensory stimulation.

Triple Warmer is also known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as SANJIAO. It is the energy system that governs: 1) the fight-or-flight response, 2) the immune system, and 3) the maintenance of activities related to survival. When emotional or physical stress is persistent, triple warmer becomes perpetually activated (goes into overwhelm), creating long-term physical and emotional problems.  Tapping specific acupressure points along this meridian turns off this exaggerated response which, if allowed to continue, can override all other functions and result in poor judgement, emotional instability and eventually exhaustion. In Emotional Intelligence, this reaction is known as an Amygdala Highjack.

Source: Energy Psychology Interactive, David Feinstein, Ph.D.

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